About Triathlon

Cyprus warm and sunny conditions give the opportunity to triathlon enthusiasts find the perfect destination for their training or triathlon event.

Five open air swimming pools as well as the relatively warm waters of the beach enable you to practice the swimming part. Also, there are infinite routes and paths for cycling training next to the beach, forests as well as mountains, making cycling the most enjoyable part and giving athletes inspiration and motivation to train. Running can be practiced in a great number of fields as well as in one of the many stadiums available on the island.

Our Team

Cyprus Athletic Tourism has the experience, know – how and highly trained staff to assist you with your sports travel requirements so that you can have an amazing and well – organised triathlon training camp.

Our team’s long experience in the sport tourism industry gives us the advantage to provide you with the best value for money arrangements when it comes to accommodation, training, transfers, food, physiotherapists and any other related services.

Training camps and events

We can organise your daily training camp or organise triathlon events.

All necessary equipment

We provide the necessary equipment for training and events.

Physiotherapy Sessions

We can arrange physiotherapy sessions upon request.


Swimming is the first part of any triathlon event or training camp. There are a five 50m open air pools on the island which are available for use;  two swimming pools in Paphos and one in the cities of Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol.

Additionally the islands tranquil natural bays and relatively warm waters are a great treat to triathlete enthusiasts who wish to have their triathlon training camp open water swimming sessions.


Cycling forms the second part of any triathlon event or training camp. There are infinite possibilities that triathlon athletes can have their cycling training; a wide variety of picturesque cycling routes ranging from long straights to steep up hills, and from off-road cycling trails to very well surfaced tarmac cycling routes.

Also, the island’s natural beauty (loops and landscapes) makes cycling the most enjoyable part of a triathlon event or training camp.


Running forms the third and last part of any triathlon event or training camp. It can be practiced in one of the many island’s fields or in one of the stadiums.

There are infinite areas adequate for running as well as dozens of stadiums where triathlon enthusiasts can practice this part of their triathlon training.

Triathlon Events

Cyprus Athletic Tourism organises Triathlon events mostly in Paphos and Limassol. We cooperate with the best triathlon professionals  to ensure that you get the best experience as well as the equipment that you may need.

You can find out more about our Triathlon events in the Upcoming Events section and let us know if you are interested to participate. Note that for Triathlon events take place once or twice a year.

Upcoming Events

Triathlon Events